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Formal gloves have been a standard of well-dressed women for hundreds of years. In 1566, Queen Elizabeth I reportedly wore a pair of white gauntlet-style gloves that were 18 inches long, featuring elegant gold trim. During Napoleon's reign in the early 19th century, elbow length gloves became a fashion staple. Napoleon's first wife, Josephine, wore formal gloves just about everywhere she went, inspiring a trend that spread throughout Europe and over to America. Truth be told, Josephine wore gloves to hide her hands, which she considered unsightly. When it comes to gloves, just about anything goes. If you like the sleek look and feel of long gloves, we have plenty of fabrics and colors to choose from. Our classic velvet opera length gloves can add warmth on a chilly night, or a sense of drama. Try to contrast the color of your gloves with your dress--if your dress is an A-line black satin ballgown, contrast it with elegant white gloves, for a look reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. We also sell this style in dark brown, one of the hottest colors of the season. To dress up a wedding gown, look for delicate fingerless and gauntlet-style gloves. Depending on the neckline and sleeve length of your dress, you can choose from wrist length, opera length or elbow length gloves. Selecting bridal gloves comes down to personal style and the overall mood or theme of the day. Is your wedding casual? Dainty lace fingerless gloves have a playful vibe, much more so than formal opera length gloves. This year, look for gloves with beading and lace trim. If you're looking for a new twist on old favorites, we offer several different formal gloves that push the envelope. Show off your wild side with a pair of wrist-length satin fingerless gloves with a purple feather trim. Let them see your adventurous side with a pair of long black gloves with a red fringe or sequin trim. These are just some of the unique gloves you'll find when you shop online with us. Call 1-877-755-4920 to place an order!
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