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Slave Bracelets    </p>

Slave bracelets are hip pieces of jewelry that can be worn by women of any age. Originally, these bracelets were used in the Far East hundreds of years ago. They were made of gold, silver, and non-precious metals as well. As with many societies, the material used demarcated the woman's status and family wealth.
These bracelets could be very plain or highly decorated with jewels, patterns, and inscriptions. Today, slave bracelets offer a similar amount of variety and uniqueness. Made like a typical bracelet, they also feature a chain of string or metal that lays across the top of the hand and slips onto the middle finger through a ring attachment. </p>

We feature several designs at, including gold and silver accented slave bracelets, as well as crystal reproductions. Our Crystal Floral Design slave bracelet glove in pink crystal is made with a cascading design that is worn at the wrist and extends to the middle finger, where it attaches with an adjustable ring.
If you purchase two of these bracelets, they can easily be worn as modern pair of gloves. In gold and silver, the same bracelet is available for a clean and sparkly look as well. Our Rhinestone Link Glove is another captivating slave bracelet. It features adjustable sizing and can fit virtually any hand and wrist.
Slave bracelets are very intricate and beautiful without being overbearing. You can wear them in everyday settings or for a night out on the town. For more information, feel free to give us a call today at 877-755-4920.

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