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Satin gloves exemplify the timeless elegance and grace that has been a hallmark of high fashion in any era. While the 1800s saw a proliferation of gloves worn by women, this tradition faded by the 20th century. However, in formal wear, gloves have been and will always be a stunning mark of class and refinement. Whether you want to wear gloves for a wedding, prom, cocktail event, or even just as an innovative fashion statement with jeans, we've got you covered. At, we specialize in offering these sorts of hard to find accessories, so you'll find a wide variety of gloves of all lengths. We stock a large number of items so that you always have something to choose from. When choosing your size for gloves, it is important to know how they are measured. Gloves are typically classified by length in buttons (even though modern gloves use spandex as a rule now instead of buttons!). The most popular lengths are one-button, two-button, six-button, eight-button, and sixteen-button. To give you an idea of what this means, one-button gloves are those that hit just below the palm of the hand, and eight-button falls just below the elbow (a typical prom glove). Sixteen button reaches all the way up to the top of the arm, and should be reserved for extremely formal occasions such as black-tie balls or wedding bridal wear. We also offer fishnet, lace, nylon, and other gloves in varying styles. Shop online and see for yourself what kind of gloves spark your fancy. If you ever have any questions about sizing, styles, or availability, feel free to call our friendly customer service representatives at 877-755-4920.
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